This was quite tricky, since I was hard pushed at first to think of anywhere. But then things dawned.

By the way, my mate Kev strongly exhorted me to include Orsett, but since I’ve never been there that would have been breaking the rules. However, given it’s about midway between Basildon and Grays, I’m inclined to believe him


I was a bit reluctant to include this, because it’s rather nice. But it’s miles from bloody anywhere


I was born and raised in this rather grubby industrial town midway between Manchester and Saddleworth Moor. As with Norwich (cf), a place I can’t go back to. Not to live. Much as it’s a town with a permanent place in my heart, I cannot go back. It wouldn’t be the same.

This makes me sad.

See, I’m not as cynical as you think I am.


Manages to combine being intensely dull with being intensely ugly. It’s in Kent


Part of Hounslow, and Hounslow is completely devoid of good parts


In Shropshire, so nearly in Wales. Falls into the ‘miles from bloody anywhere’ category along with Oban


Because, like Cambridge, it’s horribly smug. Completely up itself