Caution. Contains a lot of swearing

I’ve eschewed mentioning the massacre in Orlando on Sunday. There have been thousands of column inches, rolling 24 hour television coverage, and you’re probably saturated, maybe to the point of numbness. But I need to add to your burden.

I’m yet to see a statement from the NRA. No surprise there.

Then I’m going to deal briefly with the social media hate campaigns by both the clergy and the laity claiming the massacre was a good thing, and a sign from God of how much he hates gays. How Pat Robertson, Pastors Steven Anderson and Roger Jiminez, and the Lt Governor of Texas (among many others) sleep at night is a mystery only they can solve. By the way, both mentioned Pastors equate being gay with being a paedophile. I imagine that implies that Josh Duggar has a better than even chance of being gay. His dad will be pleased.

But most important, for some fucktards, is the truly humungous argument raging on the internet at the moment. Various gun nuts and wackjobs are rowing over whether the weapon was an ‘assault rifle,’ and whether AR, as in AR15, means ‘assault rifle’ or ‘ArmaLight rifle.’

That’s their sole concern. Quibbling over footling points of order like a badly run local council meeting.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter you fuckwits! What’s germane here is that somebody killed 49 people and hospitalised even more than that. And you’re spatting over what to call the fucking weapon? Mateen could have killed everybody with a BB gun, and they’d still be dead. If he’d somehow slaughtered them with a sodding nerf gun, they’d still be dead. It doesn’t matter!

I can also make a cast-iron case for claiming that any rifle used in an assault is, per se, an assault rifle.

It also doesn’t fucking matter how many rounds go in a magazine, nor what the rate of fire is, nor what calibre the bullets are. Enough with all the terminological dickswinging. Just stop.

Then we’ve had the armchair shrinks wheeling out the old ‘mental illness’ canard. Kill a shedload of people, you must be mentally ill. This is a kneejerk reaction that gets trotted out every time there’s a mass shooting.

The corollary is that all mentally ill people must be treated with suspicion. They’re not ‘normal.’

Suffering as I do from mental illness, I find that to be condescending and offensive. It’s also inaccurate. I’ve been ill for over 40 years, and I’ve never felt the urge to open fire in a nightclub. Or in a shopping mall, a cinema, a school. None of them. Not once.

But now the pundits, operating with as yet no real knowledge of Mateen, but equipped with a deep-seated inferiority complex that requires them to try to sound wise, have simply added to the widespread stigma attached to not being ‘normal.’ Well, thanks a lot guys.

Right. I’m glad I got that off my chest. I’ll probably have a go at the Second Amendment fans at some stage, but that’s enough for now.