I commented earlier that I am coming to the conclusion that Gorge is even more of a mendacious wanker than Pigshagger is, and is now running head to head with Odious in my Top Ten Most Loathsome Politicians in the field of British politics right now, and that’s a strong field.

But the past few day caught him with his pants well ablaze as he tried to frighten people into voting to Stay in the EU.

First up, he tried to frighten OAPs by suggesting that an exit would threaten their state pensions. The BBC’s Andrew Neil took him firmly by the scrotum on this, saying Gorge should be ‘ashamed’ of an advertisement showing a distressed looking elderly woman with an empty purse.

I think we need to cut poor old Gorge some slack here. It can’t be easy managing one of the world’s biggest economies when the only educational preparation you made was to get an O level in maths. He’s bound to be a bit out of his depth, and not know that the state pension is triple locked, and that locking is enshrined in law. He can’t touch it.

I also suspect he’d face a major backbench revolt should he try to get the law amended, and there’d be such a bloody outcry from the public he’d be finished as a possible contender for PM when Pigshagger buggers off to write his memoirs.

Then we have the out and out lie that if we leave the EU there’d be a £30Bn hole in the exchequer, and he’d have to fill this by raising taxes and cutting spending following an emergency budget.

This is another of those figures he’s fond of pulling from nowhere. He sticks a wet finger in the air, I think. Or maybe slaughters a cockerel and examines the entrails. I hate to think what else he may do with the remains of the cockerel, given the alleged activities of our esteemed Prime Minister.

First thing. He can find this easily by raising taxes on the rich, and making sure that corporations cough more than the derisory £130M over five years that he claimed was a significant victory. Larry Page and Sergey Brin can find that down the back of the sofa.

Now the second, and best bit. Sixty five Toff MPS, including some of the really big hitters, have said they won’t approve any such move. They know full well it would be political suicide, and they’re all, like all politicians, desperate for power.

If he loses the support of his own party, Gorge is a dead man walking.

By the way, quote of the year so far.

‘I want to debunk an argument by some that we must stay in Europe come what may. They seem to say that Britain would not be OK outside the EU. I don’t think that’s true.’

That was Pigshagger addressing the CBI.

He only agreed to the referendum in the manifesto as a ploy to get back in at the election. If he’s right, an unlikely scenario to be clear, why did he promise the referendum with making clear what the apocalyptic consequences he’s now describing would be?

He’s on borrowed time as well.