I’m vaguely aware of an actor called Tom Hiddleston. Apparently he’s been the star of a television series called The Night Manager. I’ve not seen it, but it’s supposed to be very good. Also, apparently, Hiddleston caused bosoms to heave in the same way that wotsisname, Aidan something? did while scything bare-chested in the series Poldark. I never saw that either, since the original series back when dinosaurs were thinking that feathers were this eon’s big thing was a work of genius.

I’m also aware of a songstress called Taylor Swift. She’s come a long way from her country roots, and now produces some bouncily innocuous pop songs. I can even name one of her songs, I think. Shake it up? Is that right? I’m sure you’ll tell me if it’s not.

During her rise into the stratosphere of the pop world, she’s become the richest woman in the business. Forbes estimated her net worth in June at $250M. That’s not bad for a 26 year old from Pennsylvania.

It now seems as if the blessed Tom and the blonde, rich chanteuse have been spotted having a snog on a beach somewhere. I thought she was still shacked up with that Scots DJ Adam Wiles, aka Calvin Harris, but even though they seemed to patch things up after he was seen coming out of a massage parlour in Bangkok, it seems they parted brass rags last month.

This has led to some agonising among women in the UK. There’s a groundswell of opinion along the lines of, ‘I know I could never have him, but she’s being a bit greedy.’ They seem to think this is for real, and ‘their’ Tom has been seduced by a talented, rich, leggy blond with girl next door prettiness as the factory-fitted option, who’s a Yank poaching on ‘their’ turf. There’s disquiet on the US front too. I’m not entirely sure why, but that’s the US for you; it’s often a confusing place for us Brits.

I’m a bit more cynical. This smacks of a publicity stunt. I don’t know what function it is meant to serve, since she’s Queen of Pop and he has been widely touted as a possible replacement for Daniel Craig in James Bond’s dinner jacket.