I’ll be very glad indeed tonight, Wednesday. When I go to bed, I’ll awake secure in the knowledge that there will not be any more mudslinging about the referendum. The various factions will have had their say, and it will go quiet. Apart from the myriad pundits doing pointless exit polls, the usual collection of vox pops, blah blah blah.

But I’ll be spared the continuing mendacity of Pigshagger and Gorge, the dangerous ‘eccentricity’ of Farrago, the buffoonery of BoJo. The Fear Campaigners and the Hate Campaigners will be silenced.

It’s not been an edifying few weeks, all in all. We’ve had PS and Gorge predicting the ten great plagues, and a return to the Stone Age if we leave. Meanwhile Farrago and BoJo have been firmly in the camp of, ‘I’m not racist, but…’ You know there’s always a but with those three words, always a rider.

Both sides have behaved quite badly about the death of Jo Cox, both trying to put her death in the context of their stance on Europe, while trying desperately to look as if they weren’t trying to exploit her. Oh no, not in any way whatsoever, perish the thought.

(Mind you, that pales into insignificance compared with the pondlife that is Jack Buckby, an ex BNP member who has announced he intends to contest the by-election in her constituency. All the parties apart from Cox’s Labour have decently agreed to sit this one out, but not that fascist bastard Buckby. ‘We need a debate on this.’ Well, f*** you, we need people with the decency not to try to make political capital of the death of an MP.)

I’ll also be very pleased indeed to be rid of the various political organisations and industrial/banking corporations dashing about like Chicken Little, yelling, ‘The sky is falling!’ Just like PS and his chums they have a vested interest, but unlike PS and Gorge they won’t be out of a job if it all goes tits up for the Remain camp.

I also don’t give a rat’s arse what President Obama thinks, or the President of Japan, or the Presidents of China, India, Canada, or New Zealand, for that matter. As for why I should pay attention to David Beckham, that’s beyond me.

I’ve got my arse on the fence, with my feet just about touching the ground on the Remain side. Even so, I’m still not sure how I’ll vote, because it seems to me to be tails we lose, heads they win scenario. I might just resort to flipping a coin.

Or if I wake up in a bad mood I might just vote Leave just to see the looks on PS’s and Gorge’s faces when they realise a/ they’re going to be evicted from where they live, and b/ in Gorge’s case, he realises his hopes of becoming PM are down the tubes. Finito. The End.