This goes back to this day three years ago. I ran out of inspiration for a new post, since there’s so much arsehattery around just now I couldn’t choose a topic.


I am grateful for a friend of mine for this little gem.

Last Thursday he went to see Man of Steel at the local cineplex in Braintree. He wasn’t too bothered about the 3D, so he booked in for the 2D version. Sat through the ads and trailers, and settled back as the main feature started. He looked at the screen and thought, ‘Blimey. It’s all blurred.’

He leaned forward to speak to a couple in front.

‘Excuse me, but is the screen all blurry?’

‘No, it’s fine.’


A few seconds later, two or three members of the audience went to get a manager, who duly appeared and apologised. They were showing the 3D version by mistake. Corrections were made. All was well.

But my friend was slightly puzzled, and while he waited for the film to restart, he leaned forward again.

‘Excuse me. Are you sure the last version looked all right to you?’

‘Yes, it was fine.’

‘But it was the 3D version. It was all blurred.’

‘Aaaah but I’m wearing bifocals.’

You just have to give up at that point, don’t you?