More pet-orientated dimwittery to start with.

What would you do with 70 grand? I might go for a Nissan GT-R, and have a few bob left over for a round the world trip. Good sized deposit on a ludicrously overpriced property somewhere? Give it away to good causes? All are choices that you, or I, might make in a reasonable frame of mind.

One thing I would not do, in any circumstances whatsoever, is shell it out to a lab in South Korea to have my much loved but now sadly deceased cat (or dog for that matter) cloned.

Last year, a British couple with more money than sense shelled out the spondulicks to have their dead boxer, Dylan, cloned, and hence paid a princely 30+ grand apiece for two puppies, Shadow and Chance.

The guys in South Korea must have been rubbing their hands in glee. In theory, they could have roamed the streets of Seoul, picked up a couple of strays, and lied about their provenance.

The reason is that clones are never going to completely resemble the animal from which they’re derived. They won’t look identical, because appearance is determined by developmental factors as well as genetic makeup. Their characters/personalities will surely be different. Dylan may have been a handsome softie with a gentle nature, but his clones might be more akin to Cerberus.

Still, 70 gees is 70 gees. I don’t suppose the guys in the lab are losing sleep over things.

Back to the real world of humans. It’s been a bit of a week for dramatic departures, hasn’t it? BoJo dropped out of the Toff leadership contest after his mendacious and Machiavellian ‘ally’ Gove stuck a shiv between his ribs. Farrago has jumped ship, saying his job is done. If by that he means he manoeuvred Pigshagger into a corner where the only escape route was a referendum that has pretty well knackered the UK, then yes, job done. On the upside, it did mean that both Pigshagger and Gorge fell on their swords, so there was a silver lining.

Best news, though, is that Chris Evans has resigned from Top Gear. I only watched the show once with the new team, and it was terrible, so the loss of Evans is not a great one. On the downside, Matt LeBlanc is a bit of a tosser too, and he’s staying on.