Had to pool results this week, because both letters are relatively rare initials for the names of places I have actually been to.

Never been to Vagg. It’s in Somerset though, so should be purty, but the name? Not sure about that.

I quite fancy the idea of Vron Gate. This sounds as if it should be a Romulan mining colony. Actually it’s in Shropshire, so is still bloody miles from anywhere. cf Oswestry, Telford.

Never been to Ventnor, either, but I’ve had good reports, except that the population consists largely of retired London cabbies.

Vogue in Cornwall sounds fun. Looks pretty in the pictures, anyway, but again I’ve never been there. Miles from bloody anyway, so it’s not on my hit list of places I need to go

Enough preamble. Let’s rock.


Not as bad as it sounds, but it’s full of idiots who fell for the estate agent’s contention that it’s pronounced ‘Ugely’ to rhyme with ‘hugely.’ It’s not. It’s pronounced to rhyme with ‘ugly.’ Bit of a hinterland between Stansted and Saffron Walden


Bit too close to Hornchurch. Which in turn is too close to Romford. Which is too close to Dagenham. No need to continue


Home to Brunel University, which is highly regarded. The town has one of the ugliest High Streets in the UK, rivalling Harlow. Situated in the angle between the M40 and the M25, the start of the fuel-bombing run for planes on the way to Heathrow. Both the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines end here, because there’s nowhere worth going to further out

Virginia Water

As pretty as it sounds but full of stockbrokers, cityboys , and Russian mobsters and their WAGS