To cut down on the shouting a bit for the start of the week, I’d like to share with you a small tale from one of my American correspondents. She’s an astonishingly talented wildlife and nature photographer. She has a great eye and a steady hand. But sometimes I do wonder if she’s all there…

I quote from her verbatim.

‘OMG….. I am dying of embarrassment. I was looking out the window of my apartment (2nd floor) and talking to a squirrel sprawled out on the branch of a nearby tree.

‘I don’t remember my exact words but it was along the lines of, ‘Oh, look at you… lazy butt. It is a good thing you have a cute fuzzy butt…. Silly fuzzy nut-butt.

Then I heard two guys laughing and a male voice said, “Dude, she must be talking to you because I keep my nuts trimmed nice and neat.”’

Now that’s embarrassing. Not life threateningly, ‘Oh ground, please swallow me up!’ embarrassing. Not up there with my greatest embarrassment, which you may remember.

Other mild embarrassments that I personally view as slightly worse than the snapper’s, but still not knucklebiters, related to players of Pokemon Go.

Last week there was a report of a real fender bender caused by a driver stopping on a freeway to catch a pesky Pokemon character. Sadly this was a hoax, but come Friday life imitated lies when a New Yorker smacked his car into a tree in Auburn while on the hunt. He wasn’t hurt, but he did a damned good job on his car. I can’t even tell from the pictures what it started life as, and I’m pretty good at identifying cars.

Then we had the two guys from San Diego last Thursday who fell off a cliff after climbing a fence in search of an elusive whatever. One fell about 50 feet, the other 80 to 90 feet. Both were hospitalised. If I’d been the triage nurse I might have died laughing when I heard that sorry tale of redfaced woe.

On a more serious note, many states in the US allow homeowners to shoot trespassers. Getting plugged while in somebody’s garden looking for a virtual reality (ie complete fantasy) character is not something you’d want to admit, is it?