Believe it or not, this blog just turned four. Yes, you’ve had four years of drivel to contend with, over 1600 posts. I admire and thank you for your forbearance.

The now familiar ‘How to…’ format is not how I set out. I was a lot more disjointed back then, if you can credit such a state of affairs. Before the themed theme, as it were, I’d buggered about with all manner of stuff about gardening, what to eat on a first date, cookery for beginners, user’s guides to being a cat owner, stoner hummingbirds…

The current look started as a spoof series of survival guides for urban warriors. The first one was ‘How not to be killed by a polar bear.’ This proved unexpectedly popular, so I waded in with some more. The list of threats I covered included crocodiles, rhinoceroses, hippos, black mambas, sharks, bears, Komodo dragons, and a more realistic hazard in an urban setting, zombies. And let’s not forget the assault with a dead groundhog in the US. Or the guy in the US who used a raccoon to fool the breathalyser immobiliser on his car.

The format seemed to be working, so I stuck with it. My first long-running series was ‘How to follow the alphabet diet,’ and with this I broke my long-standing undertaking not to use the internet on Sundays. The miracle of scheduling beckoned.

Since then, I’ve had a go at just about everything you care to mention. Hapless celebs. Poor science/medicine reporting. Poor statistics in general. Homeopathy. Sexism. Pointless political correctness. Police (for and against). Food fads, including the ridiculous Hemsley sisters. Faddiest of the lot, astrologically farmed eggs. Vaginal steam cleaning and ozone enemas (blame Gwyneth Paltrow for that). Skateboarders. Hipsters, and especially hipster beards. Bikers. How to run an economy based on how it works in the pub. How to commit the perfect murder. PETA getting priorities wrong.

I’ve tended to stay away from politics, since it’s a bit too easy usually. However, events of the past 12 to 15 months on both sides of the Pond have exercised me a bit. Mind you, I did suggest we scrap voting and have governments formed in the same way that jury service works.

Way back when, one of the functions of nobodysreadingme was to act as a sounding board for some of my fiction, and this all panned out nicely when I was invited to join the weekly TipsyLit Prompt challenges to be posted on WordPress. TL was officially a site for women writers, but the admin liked my stuff and asked me to have a go. That may not have been a very good idea in retrospect. I won the first challenge, was the first to get over 100 votes, had a grand total of 15 wins out of 18 entries (I took pity on the rest at that point). The stories are still here. Just search TipsyLit in the search box on this site..

If you do you’ll find vampires, aliens, robots, mayflies, dead clowns, telepathic shapeshifting dogs, an adrenalin junkie leprechaun, a middle aged man in love with his goddaughter, a strange take on Schrodinger’s Paradox…

Somebody once commented that the reason he reads my blog is because he never has bloody a clue what it’s going to be about. I’ll let you into a secret. Nor do I.

Thanks for sticking around.