Part 1 of this was very popular yesterday, but there was some more or less inevitable dissent from some of my regulars, along the lines of ‘You didn’t mention…’ Hence Part 2. Also it may take your mind off the fact that TFF got the nomination.

My most popular post has proven to be I saw a flower. An experiment in musical genres. It goes back donkey’s ages, almost to the first days of NRM, but keeps popping up in my stats. This one was the one that caused a goth friend of mine to laugh so hard that Diet Coke came down her nose and she lost her nose ring. I felt my day had not been in vain.

Another 2013 offering ranking well is How to annoy lots of people. You may have guessed it was controversial. I got a bit righteous about the ‘Real women have curves’ memes that were rife on Facebook at the time. It took only a few minutes to destroy that load of shape-shaming nonsense.

Bit of a clamour too for an honourable mention of Lee Roy Fuckwit. Newer readers won’t be aware of him, but he’s a South Carolina NASCAR driver and all round bad boy. I’m fond of him, because he’s me, an alter ego. And he writes haiku about cars and beer.

He’s not all bad though, since he develops a very soft spot for the rather correct and slightly uptight Miss B, who is the other side of me. You can find out how they got along by searching ‘Travelogue.’ The meeting came about because of a challenge from an avid Fuckwit fan.

People seem to hate estate agents (realtors in the US, I think.) I’ve spent a lot of productive time ripping the piss out of these parasites. Even now How to speak like an estate agent is raising a few smiles, or hackles if you happen to be an estate agent.

When I sold my house, among the unrecognisable blather in the description of it was a reference to bathroom tiles that ‘complimented’ the bath and washbasin. I pointed out they weren’t being nice to them, so it should be ‘complement.’ When I pointed this out, the scavenger who’d written it said, ‘I’ve been doing these things for years.’ I said, ‘Badly,’ and things got a bit heated.

Marc Zimmerframe was also mentioned, the stoner surfer from California who has a job in marketing. It was he who blagged the funding for the Large Hadron Collider (effectively two big tunnels that don’t go anywhere). An ancestor of his, Marco Zimmerframeo, got the funding for the Duomo in Firenze, one of the most outrageous bits of architecture in the world.

Finally (that may just mean ‘for now’), a friend insisted that my hybrid post about Star Trek and Horoscopes can hold its head high. Mind you, the same person in the Comments section accused me of being deranged. That made me happy.