Some surprising news as well. And some unwelcome news too.

First the heartening news. There’s a cocktail bar in Hove. That in and of itself is good news if you live there or are visiting, but it gets better. Steve Tyler (newly retired from Aerosmith?), owner of the Gin Tub, has installed a Faraday cage in the walls of the establishment.

If you’re unaware of what one of those Faraday doohickies is, allow me to enlighten you. It’s a metallic mesh cage, and the idea is that there’s no charge on the inside of a hollow conductor, so it prevents electricity entering the cage. They use them in power stations to protect the workers from high voltage electrickery. The good news is that it will also block electromagnetic radiation, including mobile phone signals.

If you and your companions go the Gin Tub, you’re going to have to talk to each other, rather than spending the time updating your Facebook profile. Mr Tyler is a bit old fashioned, and thinks that normal conversation is a wizard wheeze, and rather underrated, and I have to say I agree with him.

I used to use a pub where the landlord would fine you a quid for the charity box if your phone rang, a sliding scale of more cash depending on how irritating he found your ringtone, and another quid if you actually answered it inside the building. Texting was verboten too. Steve Tyler got tired of asking people to get off their phones, and decided to block it at source. More power to his elbow, I say.

Now the surprising news, surprising to the point of being unlikely. ‘Researchers’ (love that term) have found that the average Briton will start asking for a loan to be paid back when the amount they’re owed reaches four quid. That’s about five dollars. Do people really get angst ridden when somebody owes them that meagre sum? Apparently so, according to the Nationwide Building Society. Four fifths of us go to DefCon 3 when the owed sum hits the six quid barrier I don’t know anybody that niggardly. I’m annoyed that somebody owes me a nifty, but that’s a sum to actually notice has gone. I’m not rich, but also I’m not so parsimonious I’m going to fret about something so paltry.

Lastly, the unwelcome news. You can now buy a Nespresso coffee maker you can control through a phone app. Set aside the whole coffee capsule disposal thing, who really needs to control a coffee maker via the phone? Would you admit to be that bone idle, or so eager for instant gratification that you’d bought one? I wouldn’t.