Follow my example and don’t go to the cinema. But if you do go, be warned. The discussions surrounding it are unpleasant. This whole episode is yet another example of how the concept of free speech increasingly only applies to people who agree with you.

There’s been a monumental amount of total blather about misogynistic reviews being the reason the film tanked in its second weekend. If you search hard enough you’ll find that a mere 0.8% of trailer reviews were posted by anti- female or anti-feminist people. It’s assumed those people have y chromosomes, but that’s far from a safe bit of reasoning.

I’m not going not because of Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy. The fact they are women is nothing to do with it. I’m not going because the original with Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, et al was a work of near genius. It was well scripted, well plotted, well directed, and the comic timing was absolutely spot on. This was a film that did not ever need reworking. But that’s Hollywood for you. They’ve run out of ideas.

The sex of the main protagonists in the new version is immaterial. But should I go and see it and declare it’s a stinker, all hell will break loose. If I pointed out that it was poorly scripted (say), or that the cast just weren’t funny, I’d have to have plastic surgery and move to somewhere remote.

When Charlie’s Angels came out, I gave it a real slating. It was nothing to do with the on-screen talent. I have a lot of time for Drew Barrymore, who’s incredibly hard working. Cameron Diaz I also have time for. Lucy Liu, for me the jury’s still out.

The reason I slated the film was because it was awful. The director, the pretentiously named McG, aka Joseph McGinty Nichol, must have worked his arse off to misuse the amount of talent his cast offered and still screw things up so badly. Just because something has women in it it’s not misogynistic to dislike it because it’s a heap of rubbish.

It’s also interesting to see the amount of vitriol the women have chucked at dissenters they assume (see above) to be male. Odd how it’s acceptable to hurl all manner of really unpleasant threats at a man who has merely said he doesn’t like a film that just happens to have women in lead roles. That’s not a capital crime.

I thoroughly disliked Titanic, not because of Kate Winslet, but because James Cameron uncharacteristically managed to make such a turkey. That doesn’t make me a misandrist, does it, any more than my dislike for the cheesefest that was Charlie’s Angels makes me a misogynist.