Lots of press and television coverage of a study that claims there is a variety of differences between dog owners and cat owners. I’d say the biggest one is that cat ‘owners’ know damned well they’re nothing of the sort, but we’ll ignore that for now.

Dog owners are more ‘sociable’ than cat owners. This is partly reflected in the fact that on Facebook (the study was carried out by analysing people’s FB profiles) dog owners had 26 more Friends than cat people. Since we all know what your Friends list looks like is a very poor surrogate for the real thing, I’m tempted to discount that bit of ‘evidence.’ Although I suppose you’re going to meet a lot of like-minded people helping to catch your errant canine when it slips its leash.

Dog owners wrote 25% more posts that the investigators said were ‘excited,’ whatever that means. Feline fanciers are more likely to report being tired. Not sure what that means, really.

Doggie lovers are a bit more lowbrow in their reading habits, allegedly, though I have to say Marley & Me is not exactly intellectually taxing. They also like love stories and ‘things about, well, dogs.’ Moggie fans meanwhile go for Brave New World  and 1984. If they’re on a staple diet of literary doom and gloom, no wonder they’re less sociable. At the same time they’re big consumers of sci-fi and fantasy.

I was intrigued by now, and decided to do some background work. I had to filter some of the reports, because they crop up in the Daily Mail. Back in March, the Daily Telegraph reported that doggies earn more than moggies, with 27 grand to 24 grand. This is just as well, because they’re shelling out about 20% more per month to feed the pet and keep it healthy.

In another study carried out by VetPlus on real people (which may or may not make it more accurate) there was a particularly controversial finding. Dog owners love their pets more than cat owners do. Not sure how they quantified that.

More bad news for moggielovers. If you have a cat you’re getting less sex than your neighbour with a dog. Since people routinely lie about their sex lives, a notoriously difficult research topic, I’d take that with a pinch of salt. Other ad news is that catties are more likely than doggies to commit suicide.

Meh. Just more silly season reporting. Still, it did make for some welcome relief from the bloody Olympics.