If you don’t live in the UK, the likelihood is that you’ve not heard of Judge Patricia Lynch, QC. I certainly hadn’t heard of this particular beak before this week, but she’s been splashed all over the UK press for some distinctly non-judge like behaviour.

Here are the circumstances. Meet John Hennigan. This disgraceful piece of excrement, this squandering of the Earth’s resources, is an obese, ugly yobbo from Harlow (where else?) who came up in front of Judge Lynch accused of racism. He’d yelled at a Caribbean woman that he didn’t like the look of her children; he prefers them white so they look ‘natural.’ He was duly nicked and taken to court.

This wasn’t what you’d call a first offence. This was the ninth time he’d breached his ASBO* in 11 years. He’s what my nana used to call a bad lot. Judge Lynch didn’t warm to him either, and gave him 18 months.

Rather miffed by this, Hennigan reacted with his customary good grace, pounding on the glass surrounding the dock, yelling “Sieg heil!” and singing a song about gassing Jews. He then shouted at the judge.

‘You’re a bit of a c***.’

Judge Lynch was unfazed.

‘You’re a bit of a c*** yourself. Being offensive to me does not help.’

‘F*** you!’

‘You too. We are all really impressed. Take him down.’

I found this to be pretty restrained. I’d have given him an extra six months just on principle. But an admirable response, I felt. Alas, no.

Some bozo has reported her to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office. This is a sort of court for judges who may have transgressed a bit. I’m not sure what the possible outcomes may be, nor what punishment may be meted out if she’s found guilty.

On the face of it, it’s a fair cop, she dunnit all right. But if I were considering her case, I’d be going ‘Way to go!’

*Antisocial behaviour order. Hennigan’s was imposed for previous racist behaviour, but since he’s as dumb as a bag of wet mice he just keeps on keeping on.