Until this weekend I was unaware of Gary Lineker’s promise last footie season. He unwisely said that if Leicester City won the Premiership he would wear his underpants on the first Match of the Day this season.

He didn’t as it happened, though he did appear wearing a pair of Leicester City shorts. The only criticism of him here was that he’d failed to live up to the letter and spirit of his undertaking. That was it.

However it did rekindle the Helen Skelton controversy over on Twitter. She’s a UK presenter on the Olympics. I’d never heard of her before, which may be related to the fact I’ve avoided the Olympics like the plague. Anyway she had the temerity to wear a short skirt while presenting. There were accusations of her being ‘inappropriately sexy.’ Not surprisingly, most of the flak came from women.

Then she did a Michelle Obama and exposed a shoulder. A BARE SHOULDER! Shield the children’s eyes!

While this brazen hussy was shamelessly flaunting herself, her co-presenter, Mark Foster, was wearing shorts, and nobody batted a bloody eyelid.

Several things spring to mind here. It’s 30 Celsius in Rio. That’s warm enough to merit something less than an evening gown I’d say.

Then we have the fact she was commentating on some men’s aquatic event. The competitors don’t exactly wear a lot, do they? In fact Cosmopolitan ran an entire photo article on, and I quote, ’36 of the Greatest Summer Olympic Bulges’ earlier this month. In the same issue there was an article about how crap it is for men to objectify women. If you can figure that out, please feel free to enlighten me.

It’s not just swimmers who bare nearly all. The beach volleyball appears to be a leerfest for males of a dubious sexual persuasion. They must have been very disappointed with that Egyptian competitor.

Men cyclists don’t leave much to the imagination. Female gymnasts. Female athletes. Male athletes. At least now Christie has retired we’re spared endless jokes about ‘Linford’s lunchbox.’

It’s not as if Ms Skelton stripped off to her skivvies. Unlike Gary Lineker. Well, sort of.