OK, one of my relatively rare political posts, but it’s irresistible, since it’s about two politicians I despise even more than I despise Odious. I refer of course to Farrago and TFF.

Farrago has been seen on stage at a rally in Mississippi, endorsing TFF (who hasn’t yet realised that yellow clashes with orange, and none of his advisors has the nerve to tell him). His ‘reasoning’? ‘I recognised the level of interest in Brexit is pretty high here in the US.’

This is patently untrue, since most Americans are so insular they couldn’t find the UK on a map (I have heard an American ask if England is in the US), don’t give a rat’s arse about events outside the States, and have no bloody idea what Brexit is. If pressed, TFF supporters probably would guess it’s a new car from General Motors.

I suppose it wouldn’t have been politically expedient for Farrago to say, ‘I’m shamelessly grandstanding with a xenophobic narcissistic, misogynist who hates immigrants just as much as I hate them. I wanted to make Britain Great again, got kicked in the arse at the general election, but my bigotry won through at the referendum, so here I am cosying up to the one person in the world of politics who appears even more dumb than I do. With the possible exception of Putin.’

One problem of course is that none of these chancers is unintelligent, they know how to push buttons. That doesn’t make them not dumb.

Then we have the fact that Farrago is a Member of the European Parliament, and has been since 1999. His track record is chequered to say the least. Of 40 odd meetings that involved the common fisheries policies, Farrago attended five. This is a man who claims to be committed to saving the British fishing industry.

Of course, like The Orange One, Farrago has his eye on the main chance. He’s vigorously anti-EU, hates it with a passion. That hasn’t made him hop off the gravy train. That’s a phrase he’s fond of using to discredit profligacy of EU representatives, yet there he is mixing it up with the big boys, doing exactly the same. That seems dishonest to me.

At least he’s got rid of that bloody awful moustache. That and TFF’s hair on the same screen would be more than mortal man can bear.