There was a lot of activity in the more right wing rags this week about what they dubbed, with a certain horrible inevitability, ‘Traingate.’ This was a vastly overblown response to Jezza Corbyn’s claim he had been unable to find a seat on a train operated by Virgin, at which the redtops screamed ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire!’ As to why they think this heinous supposed crime ranks in importance with an elected US president ordering the burgling of his political opponents gives a good insight into their priorities.

Sir Tricky Dickie Branson, of all people, accused Corbyn of pulling a publicity stunt. That’s pretty rich isn’t it? Coming as it does from one of the most shameless self-publicists known to man. Yes, I know he’s regarded as a national treasure, and I grudgingly rather admire him. My admiration is due in part because he made his cash from a business he started importing vinyl albums from the continent, and neglecting to tell HM Customs and Excise about them. And now successive governments can’t get enough of this dodgy smuggler.

Meanwhile the ruling Toffs under cover of the battlefield chaos, launched a stealth attack that went largely unnoticed because it’s not a press priority. Thatcher In Posh Shoes, hereinafter referred to as Tips, announced that as soon as we were out of the EU she was going to tear up our adherence to the Human Rights Act. Instead she intends to bring in a Bill of British Rights.

Now forgive my cynicism, but that makes me uneasy, including as it does two words consecutively that sum up the Toffs. I’m pretty certain what we’d end up with is a legal structure that’s very kind to people who are RWP, and bloody rough for us mere proles.

I also fail to se why we should not adopt the Human Rights Act as it is, and just rename it if necessary. It’s a pretty robust structure, and despite the redtops’ and Torygraph’s relentless focus on anomalies, and they do crop up, in the main it works pretty well.

Oh yes, Tips is also still working on extending the powers of GCHQ so they can intercept all your emails, Twitter feed, your Facebook posts and comments, you name it the spooks will be able to get it. The claim is that they’ll only do that to people under active investigation. Believe that you’ll believe anything.