I know I’ve arrived now. I’m a big hitter, a force to be reckoned with. A certain notoriety is now my mantle, and I wear it proudly.

If you’ve been keeping up with events you’ll be aware I’ve been having some agg accessing Facebook. For some reason FB was convinced I had malware on my laptop. This was despite my running AVG in real time and running regular scans for any nasties that come under the radar.

I did however discover that the public access machine where I live will log me on (the ones in the library won’t though), so over the weekend I had a bit of a punt about. Briefly. I then thought, ‘May as well check what’s happening over on WordPress.’ This is where it got interesting.

I put the WordPress domain name into the Address bar properly, and got that mildly annoying blank page with the logo that usually precedes the login page. The redirect can be a lengthy process, so I sat and waited. And waited. And waited…

Plan B. Go to the URL for my blog itself, since that’s what I wanted to see.

Well stap me vitals, shipmates! I got a full screen popup from some outfit called NetNanny, telling me my blog had been ‘Reported. Reason: Profanity’ Goodness me! I’ve been blocked not because of some glitch, but because I’ve offended somebody’s delicate sensibilities. Now that’s what I call a result.

However, there are two disturbing aspects here. One. I’ve had a poke about and found that NetNanny is, and I quote, ‘…marketed primarily at parents as a way to control a child’s computer activity.’ I heartily approve of that. No issue whatsoever. Google has it listed as a Windows Porn Blocker, though I hardly think that my occasional cussing is going to deprave anybody, least of all children, who routinely hear a lot worse in the playground.

Two. Have you had a look around Facebook? There’s me using the occasional naughty word here on my blog, while on Facebook, which NetNanny ignores, you get people advocating the burning of black people, or the stoning of gays, or the rape and abuse of women. Those are topics I find much more disturbing than me referring to Odious as a fuckwit or Trump as The Fat Fucker.

I was at a loss at first as to why NetNanny had been installed, but then I got it. The access is part of a council-run network, and I assume that the bored cubefarm workers might have been surfing for a bit of titillation for some relief from the monotony.

That’s if I can use the word ‘relief’ in this context. I suspect NetNanny would be all over it like a cheap suit.