One of my regular readers tells me the reason he logs on every day is to see what the hell I’m on about today. Sadly, I must now become predictable, at least for once.

If you’re a Brit, you’ll have expected me to take on the Keith Vaz story. On the other hand, if you’re not of the Brit persuasion, it’s highly likely you’ve never even heard of him. Known as the Teflon MP, he’s been a member for 29 pretty controversial years. He came a cropper over the weekend. Turns out this family man had allegedly been consorting with ‘escorts.’

Nothing new there then, eh? If every MP who played away was removed from the House, they’d have to recall national treasure Ann Widdecombe to make all the decisions on her ownsome. However, the escorts were male. Still no real surprise, and really what sex they were is immaterial.

He got a bit careless when he asked one of the three he invited over (Three? You have to admire his style, or perhaps optimism) to bring some poppers. That’s not illegal. But it is illegal to ask for another one to supply some cocaine, allegedly for the three male ‘escorts’’ use.

All this might not matter if KV were not the chair of the Home Affairs Committee which considers, among other things, the sex trade and legislation on drugs, and makes appropriate suggestions that influence government proposals.

He was instrumental in getting the lawmakers to drop the whole ludicrous idea that selling sex should be legal, but buying sex should be illegal. How that would have been enforced is anybody’s guess. No hooker would shop up his or her client to the rozzers.

One school of thought is that he was acting selflessly to gain experience of the area in which he was operating. At least he’d have got a bit of knowledge of reality tucked away, unlike Rhyming Slang, who has no medical background whatsoever and yet has free rein to jackboot all over the NHS. KV is even a qualified solicitor, so he knows how the implementation side of things works too.

There’s often a lot of harrumphing about politicians being out of touch with real life and hence being unqualified to legislate. At least VZ knows whereof he speaks, but he’s resigned from the Home Affairs Committee, having been accused of having an undeclared conflict of interest. This resignation is probably for the good, just about, because what I neglected to mention is that the three men were Romanian, and the HAC had identified in the past that Eastern European sex workers are the likeliest group to be subjected to physical abuse.

Pretty dumb. As was his immediate response, which was to have a go at the media. You’ll always lose that one.

One last point. Katy Hopkins is backing him wholeheartedly, which is pretty much the kiss of death. Peter Tatchell stood up to be counted too, but I doubt, given he’s a leading light in OutRage, he’d have bothered to say anything if the prostitutes had been women.