I have a good grasp of this concept, and a very good ability to put the knowledge to good use. Or good inertia I suppose. Here’s a classic example of my bone idleness.

I’m not going for a full out blogpost today. It’s Sunday, and my reading figures are traditionally low, which makes it a bit of a fag for no reason. Plus it’s a day of rest.

Instead I’ll just drop you a link to a site. If you’re sick of the sanctimonious posturing of the clean eating/palaeo zealots, help is at hand. Here’s the perfect antidote to the kale-crunching, gluten-dodging, proselytising killjoys.

I’m very fond of the ‘press-ups’ video, and the message about going to the gym. Plus the idea that being a vegan makes you fat. Har dee har.