Yes indeed. As Juvenal put it in his Satires, ’Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ Plato had previously considered the same subject in Republic; who has that unenviable task? It’s a thorny problem that has baffled finer minds than mine for centuries.

I brought this topic up in March last year when Facebook put a ban on naked images. I was at a loss to see how the censors could censor anything, since by the very nature of their exposure to the images, they had been corrupted. You don’t want corrupt people at the helm, do you?

This is the tricky bit. The censors are really claiming that they can see stuff and not be depraved by it, but you can’t be trusted because you’re weak in the head and of low morals. They’re somehow better than you are.

It really is a tricky one this, because I’ve no wish for children, for example, to be exposed to some of the readily available images that form the backbone of the internet, though I’m late for that particular bus, I’m afraid. They seem to be barely weaned when they send the first picture of their genitals to somebody.

Here’s what has prompted me to go back to this topic. I was chatting to an acquaintance a couple of days ago, and telling him about the iniquitous use of Net Nanny, which as I told you blocks me from accessing my own blogsite from the public computer where I live.

I had just assumed that Net Nanny used some form of bot or crawler to find the naughty peeps like me who cuss a bit, or post revenge porn, or raunchy Photoshopped images of slebs getting it on with animals. I was wrong.

NN employs people to trawl the internet. That’s all they do for a living, they just look at websites. That’s not a proper job for a grownup, is it? Pretty thankless too, looking to weed out all the naughty bits on the internet.

The very people who are guarding us from the evil influences of the naughty bits are the ones most exposed to being depraved. That doesn’t make any sense does it? Any more than Clean Reader does. You may recollect that piece of idiocy, too. That was also from March last year.