I was feeling a bit lazy, so this goes back to this date just after I started blogging. 


You may well think you’ve got this pretty well sorted. Eating a pineapple is as easy or as complex as you make it. You can cut off the base, cut off the leafy bit, cut the body of the fruit into thick slices, take out the central core if it’s a bit woody, trim off the outer skin, and you’re hot to trot.

You could get a bit uppity. Pineapple is truly delicious flambéed in brandy. Lovely. Barbecue it. Or you can use it as an ingredient. Chicken and pineapple salad is yummy. I’ve cooked ham on a bed of pineapple and spices. In the Far East I’ve had brinjal (that’s, aubergine, errrr eggplant) and pineapple curry. Delicioso. And prawn and pineapple curry, too.

All completely laudable, and it’s hard to make pineapple inedible. In fact, I can’t think how you’d go about it. But to eat a pineapple with true panache, with real style? That takes some effort. It also takes some money, because to do this properly you have to get on an aeroplane. This aeroplane will take you to the airport in Colombo in Sri Lanka. Then you need to make your way to Nuwara Eleiya, up in the hills. Then you need to find someone with some local knowledge who can take you to Pineapple Town. This is, not surprisingly, a small village in the middle of where pineapples are harvested. The whole place smells of nothing but pineapples, and they’re heaped at the side of the road, in shopfronts, on people’s front steps. They come in all shapes and sizes from about the size of a softball to things the size of a dinosaur’s head.


SriLanka pineapples

Find a couple of a size you like, and point at them. Someone will come along with sharp knife, and peel the fruit while leaving the green stalky bit as a handle or stick. You pay a small amount of money, and there you are with the best fruit lolly in the world. And it looks like this.

peeled pineappleCool or what, eh? Style, panache, and delicious.