You have to wonder about the sanity of some of our parliamentarians. I genuinely think some of them have but a tenuous grip on reality.

The prosecution calls David Davies, who made himself look remarkably foolish over the Marmite row. In case you’re not a Brit, this ruckus started when Unilever, the makers of Marmite among other things, tried to foist a 10% across the board price hike on its sales to Tesco. The rises were alleged to be the result of the falling value of sterling because of the financial uncertainty surrounding us leaving the EU. Tesco wasn’t having any of it, flat out refused to agree, supplies from Unilever were suspended, and Marmite became unavailable on Tesco’s online site.

I don’t get that. You could still buy it in the stores, and the online services are store based. Hey ho.

To return to the cloth-headed pro-Brexit MP. He proudly said he’d be buying ‘Aussie-made Vegemite’ instead. This does not only show his woefully poor command of economics. He’s also a bloody heathen if he thinks Vegemite can hold a candle to Marmite. If I lived in his Monmouth constituency I’d be moving for him to be deselected.

That dimwit of an Environment Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, has declared she is still committed to a vote on the repeal of the law banning foxhunting. In the run-up to the 2005 ban, there was an enormous waste of parliamentary time debating this. I don’t care one way or the other about the activity, but given the world situation right now I think politicians have more to fret about than a bunch of people in red coats galloping round the countryside.

Some of the other things they may want to shuffle through their heads are the £8M that the government shelled out for an outsourcing company that delivered no results whatsoever. Zero. Nil.

On the upside, the Commons Works and Pensions Committee got some lurid details of the amount of hardship people has suffered when Concentrix was outsourced the task of tracking down tax credit fraud. They were paid on a commission basis, so not too surprisingly acted pretty zealously, and indeed illegally. They’ve had the contract removed now, but the whole shitstorm came about because of the efforts of Odious when he was at the DWP, so that’s another nail in his coffin lid. Let’s hope it’s the final nail.

Speaking of nails in coffin lids. a candidate for the UKIP leadership has suggested, apparently in all seriousness, that ex BNP and EDL followers should be allowed tio swell UKIP’s ranks.