This is a recurring theme, isn’t it? I’d bet a fiver that at some time every single one of you has thought this about somebody. Gwyneth Paltrow maybe, though I was somewhat saddened by her decision to consciously uncouple herself from the mad Goop website. Who can I mock now?

The good news is that fortune favours the bold, and I’ll wade boldly into the fray with a couple of things that piqued my disbelief over the past couple of days.

Firstly, the delightfully named and utterly bonkers Ekaterina Fields. This Russian born ex-beauty queen married an American lawyer, Richard Fields, some years ago. Sadly it all ended in tears in 2011, and she got a pretty substantial divorce settlement. This includes 370 grand annual maintenance payments, 75 grand in a fund for holidays, and 60 grand for clothing.

I could get by on that. Ms Fields claims she cannot. The 370 big ones includes £100,000 a year to help build up her savings, but she’s concerned that as her ex-husband advances in years (he’s 60) his earning ability will decline, and she wants 215 grand a year to add to her pension pot. This, she claims, will make it possible for her to maintain ‘a reasonable lifestyle.’

The use of the term ‘reasonable’ in connection with this woman seems to me to be rather wide of the mark.

Something at a lower level of barminess now. Some electronic gizmo has been released that allows you, for the sum of just under 300 quid, record up to 1000 hours of your favourite television shows and films.

Let’s just consider the logistics here. One thousand hours. If you watch eight hours a day, seven days a week, it’s going to take you the best part of four months to get through your back catalogues. In the meantime you’ll have no social life, and sex will be out of the question.

Here’s the killer though. You’ve got 1000 of hours of recording because you couldn’t find those 1000 hours in the first place, presumably because you were busy doing something worthwhile. How, then, are you going to find the 1000 hours now? That’s going to leave you very short of time indeed to do what you’ve been doing best, ie something worthwhile.

In the meantime you’ve blown 300 quid on something you can never take full advantage of. A fool and his money are indeed soon parted.

If you’re still short of ideas on how to squander money. You may be a fan of adult colouring books. If this is the case we may need to discuss it. Anyway, if you are a colouring person, how about a set of Karl Lagerfeld crayons? Yours for a mere $3000, or the thick end of £2500.