Forget the mad orange maniac who might just get his grubby little hands on the US nuclear launch codes. Forget the Russian fleet off the coasts of Europe. There are more important things exercising the minds of our political leaders.

Lots of harrumphing in the tabloids about a supposed plot to force the Brexit negotiations to be held in French. Even the i had a front page headline and detail about the perfidious Michel Barnier demanding the talks be held in a Johnny Foreigner language, and the writers slipped into tabloidspeak, describing ‘Downing Street fury’.

They then ruined it in the very next bullet point by admitting that Barnier had ‘backed down.’ Read the fine print, and he did nothing of the sort. He said no decision had been made, and that it would be up to the negotiators.

Then we had a bit of democracy in action. The Lords have been huffing about a vote to try to overturn the Brexit result. Top Tories did what they always do when the red benches give them a hard time, and threatened to ‘flood’ the House with ‘friendly’ peers. Anywhere else this would be called vote rigging.

Meanwhile plucky Wallonia stiffed the big boys. If you’ve never heard of the place, it’s a region in Belgium. Anyway, the little guys buggered up seven years of trade negotiations between the EU and Canada when they vetoed the treaty, fearing the effect on small local businesses. That showed ‘em. Total EU population of 741-odd million, and a region with a meagre three million handed the EU and Canada (35M) their collective arses in a sling. It’s like that Peter Sellers film, ‘The Mouse That Roared.’

Despite its size, Wallonia has five provinces, 20 administrative arondissements, and no fewer than 262 municipalities. Those guys know a thing or two about bureaucracy.

Then news from the UN. They’re also ignoring the Russian fleet and TFF. They have far more important topics on the table. Wonder Woman. Having first made an appearance in 1941, and having her own television series in the 70s, she has been chosen by the wackjobs who helm the UN to be the latest honorary ambassador for women. She’s supposed to ‘empower’ (Danger Will Robinson! Danger!) them. I can see that a completely fictitious, big-breasted, leggy white woman, scantily clad in a Stars and Stripes outfit, would empower women in the middle of Ethiopia.

The UN claims that they wanted to appeal younger audiences. Look again at when WW first saw light of day. If you want to appeal to and empower a younger audience, Malala Yousafzai, the world’s youngest Nobel prize winner, rolls in at 19 years of age.


Lastly, the Liberal Democrats are claiming to be ‘back in the political bigtime.’ This was based on their result in the Witney by-election caused by the resignation of Pigshagger. They came second.

Marginally better than the Bus Pass Elvis Party I suppose.