There’s been a lot about baking this week. The media have been going mad about floury comestibles.

Firstly, the continuing ersatz outrage that The Great British Bakeoff is moving. Flying from its original home on BBC, it is to alight on Channel 4. I say its original home, but I suspect it is also its spiritual home. I’ve not seen a single show from any of the seven series so far, but I am aware of the format. It’s the sort of jolly hockey sticks reality show that the Beeb does so well, with lots of innuendo about soggy bottoms and the like.

I say I’ve never seen it, but that puts me in a rather select minority. The last show of the last Beeb series pulled an audience of 15 million. Not bad going for a show filmed in a tent somewhere.

I imagine those 15 million contain some of the nitwits making such a fuss about a/ the show moving, and b/ the loss of Mel, Sue, and Mary Berry as presenters. They’ve jumped ship. I’ve no idea who Mel is, I wouldn’t know Mary Berry if she tripped me up in the street, and Sue (Perkins) I know only from her appearance on panel shows. She’s quite funny as it happens.

To judge from the column inches and television coverage, you’d think that there’d be less outrage if there had been a panda cull. Out of all proportion.

Now to Northern Ireland, and the infamous Gay Cake case. Back in 2105, a couple who run a bakery refused to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage message on it. They claimed it was against their deeply held religious beliefs. That was a big mistake. They could simply have refused service, and here’s the best bit, as with any retail enterprise, they wouldn’t have had to give a reason. They could just say ‘No,’ then clam up.

The offended customer took the pair to court, and a judge ruled that the bakers had acted in a discriminatory fashion. So far so good. Then the couple took the case to the Court of Appeal, and the appellant got a cool 90 gees to cover his legal costs, and that moolah came from the Northern Ireland Equality Commission. The Court upheld the original decision.

I’m in two minds here. I’m not sure this has advanced LGBT rights at all, and there’s a hint of religious discrimination. It’s not such a cut-and-dried case as that wackjob Kim Davies in the US who failed to fulfil her remit as a local government officer and register gay married couples.

I’m up to here with cake stories. Hence browned off. Haha.