New words are always interesting, even when they make you want to scream. My personal current linguistic bête noire is Brexit. It’s an intensely sloppy neologism, and one that makes me want to hit people who use it.

That’s a bit unfortunate, because Collins’ Dictionary has just decided, in its wisdom, that the hateful term is its top word of 2016. I suppose that puts me in a minority of one.

Hygge made the cut too, which is bloody annoying. I’ve ranted about this passenger on the lifestyle bandwagon before. It’s more annoying than the Goop website, and that’s saying an awful lot.

A couple of terms I’d not heard include the rather inspired Snowflake generation. This refers to those lily-livered and thin-skinned young adults who get offended by just about everything they see and hear on social media. My view? If you’ve got an opinion about my life, please raise your hand. Now cover your mouth.

Then there’s Dude food. No explanation needed here really, but I’m not sure if it’s of any more meaning than the long established term Junk. I’m willing to be convinced if you can be bothered to argue the toss.

This is a good one and covers a really, really irritating phenomenon. Sharenting. This is the parental obsession with sharing photographs of their delightful little tykes messily eating ice cream, or cuddling a cute puppy. I read yesterday that the average number of images parents will share in the first five years of their child’s life is just a tad under 1000. That’s a lot, but some sources put it in excess of 1500. That’s getting on for one every two days.

By the way, there are several companies now that will Photoshop your child’s school photos. That sort of misses the point, I think.

This one I’m not sure is needed. Throw shade. Apparently this is a subtle but public show of contempt. Whatever happened to Diss?

Definitely no room in my vocabulary for Jomo, the joy of missing out, nor its equally repellant stablemate Fomo, the fear of missing out. Using either one of those strongly suggests you may need to get off social media and go for a brisk walk in the fresh air.