Here’s the thing. The world’s ‘biggest data breach’ occurred recently. The AdultFriendFinder site got hacked. No big deal, really, except this is a site for swingers and others wanting to join in ‘car keys in the bowl’ fun and frolics. It claims to be ‘the world’s largest sex and swinger community.’

You’ll remember that back in 2014 there was a lot of huffing and puffing when iCloud accounts got hacked, and people were outraged at the security breach that allowed their photos of them having sex with animals to be made public. I said then, and I say now, that if you think security online is a given then you probably shouldn’t be allowed out unaccompanied.

Anyway, the good citizens of Purley* are sweating a bit at the thought of their email addresses, IP addresses, and their membership of a swinger site being in the public domain, but once again I have very little sympathy. Here’s why.

The site surveyed the most popular passwords for accounts. Numero uno was, believe it or don’t, 123456. Yes, really. Second most popular? 12345. Getting the picture now? Well, also in the top 20 were the unbreakable password, the equally impenetrable qwerty, and the Enigma-challenging 11111.

I wasn’t too surprised that people can be so dumb and still breathe without being reminded to do so, but I was a bit taken aback that a site this sensitive would allow such idiocy to persist. Most sites these days require upper case, lower case, digits, and the sacrifice of a virgin unicorn before they give you a ‘Strong’ rating for a password.

The other thing is this, again something I have mentioned before. If you’re really called Jean, or Desmond, or indeed anything at all, when you’re mucking about like this do what fat truckers from Hull do on Tinder and lie through your teeth.

Don’t use your real name. Set up an email under an alias. I’ve got at least six for various purposes. Don’t use your own computer or tablet to access the site and review the charms and promised delights. Use a public access machine, not one at work.

By the way, if you think 123123 is a safe option you’re beyond redemption.

*If you don’t get that reference you weren’t a fan of Monty Python’s Nudge nudge wink wink sketch. It opens at about 1:35.