More about tax dodgers, but since nobodyreadsme on a Sunday, what the hell?

Do you pay your taxes, in the correct amount, at the correct time? When I was working, I did, and I didn’t have any choice about it. HMRC fleeced me at source. I’ve never had a problem with paying taxes. It’s the subscription for the club that is the UK.

However, there’s a long and inglorious history of rich people thinking they shouldn’t have to cough up. Anybody recollect Ken Dodd’s suitcase of cash under the bed? Lester Piggott being banged up for tax evasion?

Well the shit has hit the fan in a big way from some tax dodgers over here. HMRC are going after about 800 people who’ve been ducking and diving. All of them are rich, since the amount of money they paid to avoid giving anything to the taxman is in the order of £2.2 billion. Makes Dominic Chappell look like an amateur, doesn’t it?

I don’t fully comprehend the ins and outs, but what seems to have been happening is these hucksters invested in companies that buy Hollywood blockbusters then renting them back to the film studios that made them. That all sounds a bit shifty, eh?

Anyway, there’s a lot of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth because the tax police have kicked the front door in at the dead of night, and have issued demands way in excess of the money that was invested, which is the way they legally operate. The poor wee mites might end up bankrupted if the taxes are paid in full. Estimates are that 600 or so of the avaricious ones may go to the wall.

I have to say I have no sympathy whatsoever for their plight. Not a scrap. Nor for Eclipse, one of the companies involved, who are investigating if tax officials can be held legally responsible if any punter tops him or herself in despair.

Meanwhile, across the Pond, in 1989 you had Leona Helmsley, who allegedly said ‘Only the little people pay taxes,’ shortly before being jailed for 16 years. And right now, at this very minute, you have a president elect who hasn’t paid the IRS anything at all for years. Figure that out.