Since I blog every day anyway, my friend Ra Avis invited me to join Cheer Peppers, a group dedicated to encouraging people to follow her lead and commit to write every day in the month of November.

You may not know Ra, but she’s been following me pretty much since I started blogging, and we’ve guest blogged for each other a couple of times. She felt nostalgic about my Tuesday reblog of the four year old ‘This Is A Government Health Warning.’ It made me think about some of the other rubbish she’s been exposed to over time.

Animals have featured quite heavily. Snotbag the cat has made frequent sorties into blogworld. I’ve written about polar bears, groundhogs, crocodiles, snakes, skunks, Komodo dragons, raccoons blowing breathalysers… I even went off on one about how to be reincarnated as a Portuguese man’o’war. I have no idea what drove me to do that.

You’ll have noticed I’m a bit of a petrolhead. Hence I’ve blogged about NASCAR, Formula 1, truck racing, drag racing, Icelandic offroading. I savaged Rolls Royces for being vulgar.  I’ve extolled the virtues of American musclecars, and also pointed out the crappier aspects of them. I’ve railed about the worst points of cars built in the UK in the 70s, and about how all cars put on weight as they get older, just like their owners. I’ve said some nice things about French cars, and some catty things about French cars. I’ve had a firefight with a German about the merits and demerits of Fiats.

Politicians have had quite a bad time at my hands. Odious, Pigshagger, Gorgeous George, Posh Shoes have all taken a beating. In the US, TFF has been the target of some bile, as has Mike Periods. I’m very even-handed in my disdain.

Then we’ve had the whole ‘Universities aren’t for controversy, they’re to provide a safe space/home!’ nonsense. Since the first time I tackled this head on it was a slating for my alma mater, which back in the 70s was a hotbed of dissent about things that really mattered, I found the banning of sombreros and other ‘cultural appropriation’ completely ludicrous.

Ra has been exposed to the vagaries of the Alphabet Diet. Somebody once thought this 26 parter was for real, and took me to task about the likely hazards. Durrrr. Still on food and drink, I’ve told you all how to get drunk, and how if you must get off your face don’t do it on tequila, since the aftershock is so hideous. The pointlessness of the Rollie omelette maker. The awfulness of smoothies.

On the fiction side, I’ve linked to stories about clown killers, aliens (shape shifting and otherwise), incestuous relationships, doomed love affairs, assassins, and Schrodinger’s cat.

All in all this blog consists largely of me talking bollocks. And as I have made you fully aware, there are three levels at which you can do that.

Thanks for sticking around Ra. You must have the patience of a saint.