It’s been a tetchy few days on the interweb, and yet hardly anybody has been up in arms about anything important. We’ve had mass death threats against US Moslems. Not an eyelid batted. Joel Osteen, US televangelist, genuinely tweeting ‘God has a plan for you. Send my ministry $5000 and he will reveal it to you in your night’s prayers.’ No fucks given. TFF enriching his mates at Carrier. Not a rat’s arse really.

As you know, because I told you, people got wound up by the ‘betrayal’ of vegans when new fivers were shown to contain tallow made from bovine suet. Forget that the total amount used in all the notes printed so far is less than half a cow’s worth. Despite this fact, it was a more important cause of (largely faux) outrage than the war in Syria.

The Twittersphere lit up again on Friday, when Kate Bush admitted that she admired Posh Shoes, and that she was the ‘best thing to happen to Britain in a long time.’ Pretty uncontroversial, really. But the trolls came out in force. ‘Ohmigod! Kate Bush is a TORY!’ That sort of thing. Oh and pledges to destroy or send back collections of her albums and CDs.

First things first. She at no point said she was a Toff supporter. She said she admired another woman. Much as I hate the Toffs, I have a sneaky admiration for Posh Shoes, who: a/ comes from a reasonably modest background; b/ managed to climb to the top in the face of a baying pack of rich, privileged y chromosomes trying to sabotage her; and c/ knowing she would be getting handed a dummy because Pigshagger cravenly did a runner after the decision to leave the EU, and she went ahead anyway.

Then we have the point that, even if she does vote Tory, it’s nothing to do with anybody else. She pretty much lives as a recluse, and hardly any of her vast army of fans will have any knowledge whatsoever of what makes her tick, and hence of her true political position. Either way it’s still no other buggers business. It’s not as if she came out as a closet BNP fan, is it?

Now the thorny issue of whether or not her political views, whatever they are, make her voice, composing, and singing less sublime. I myself would cheerfully take her to task for the visual histrionics, which I find irksome in the extreme, to the point where I can’t watch. I dislike it not because she may be a closet Toff, but because it’s all so overblown.

I bet the interweb will light up about that too. As usual, nobody is entitled to an opinion to which you don’t subscribe.