Time was that famous folks could comport themselves with dignity and without throwing a hissy fit. It used to be part and parcel of being somebody that you a/ attracted criticism, and b/laughed it off or came back with a rejoinder. One of my favourite exchanges is below.

Bessie Braddock Winston you are drunk, and what’s more you are disgustingly drunk

Winston Churchill (for it was he) Bessie my dear, you are ugly, and what’s more you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.

That’s the way to do it. A good robust response But it’s not the way it’s done now, is it?

Kanye West is notoriously touchy. This is a man who abandoned Twitter when he found he couldn’t Follow himself, and that Pitbull had more Followers than he did. With a head that big it’s hard to understand how he got it so far up his arse.

Then we have TFF. He gets Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year,’ then got all broody and felt it should have been ‘Man of the Year.’ No mention of ‘Orange Skin of the Year,’ or ‘Bad Haircut of the Year.’ He’d have walked those.

Then there was the paddy he had about the cast of the musical Hamilton. Mike Periods went to see this, got booed by the audience (not the cast), and for some reason TFF took it upon himself to demand an apology from people who hadn’t been involved. As indeed he himself was not involved.

Saturday Night Live irks him too. I have to say the Alec Baldwin take-off of The Day-Glo One is very very funny indeed. The President Elect (the man who is going to defeat ISIS, remember) is so bloody thin-skinned he’s gone all crybaby about how unfunny and unfair it all is, and how beastly people are being to him.

Let’s cross the Pond now. Last week, Nicky Morgan had the sheer temerity to question Posh Shoes’s decision to be photographed in a pair of trousers that cost the very thick end of a grand. I don’t really give a rat’s arse what she wears, but when the Toffs are slashing benefits and increasing council tax to support social care, then I think Ms Morgan has a valid point that the choice might have been a little insensitive.

Saint Theresa disagrees, got one of her aides/attack dogs to fire off a text, and Lo! Ms Morgan (referred to disparagingly as ‘that woman’) no longer had a place on the committee that’s in charge of figuring out the terms of the UK exit from the EU. Sacked for cheeking the beak.

In the Just William books, there was a spoilt brat, Mary Elisabeth Bott, who when she couldn’t get her own way was wont to yell, ‘I’ll thcream and thcream till I’m thick. And I can.’ Same thing really. I’ve seen better behaved children in a supermarket.