You may recollect my pre-Christmas warnings about buying presents. It turns out the whole shenanigans is more fraught with danger than even I suspected. I’m grateful to Musicmagpie, a setup that buys second-hand CDS, DVDs, and electronics, for some insight.

Lots of people offloaded unwanted copies of the game Unlimited Warfare. Since I’ve no idea about this game, though I suppose I can guess, I can’t really comment. On the electronics side, iPhone 6 phones traded heavily, persumably because gullible tech-heads were upgrading to the newer, more costly, but not a lot better, iPhone 7.

A surprising winner in the DVD category was Frozen. Or maybe not so surprising, since it’s been out since 2013 and surely most Disney princesses have seen it a zillion times having pestered their parents mercilessly. I’ve not seen it, but should I wish to I’ve got 26,000 copies to choose from.

Pipping The Force Awakens into third place was Spectre. The James Bond one puzzled me a bit, but not last year’s latest from the cashcow that is the Star Wars franchise. All the Star Wars geeks must have queued all night to buy this when it was released, and probably have a drawer full of bootlegs too, so another copy would deffo be surplus to requirements.

Annoyingly, the whingeing superstar Justin Bieber wasn’t the most traded CD, though he did come in a worthy second with 25,000 copies of Purpose being traded over Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Why people were trading online on those two days is a mystery to me, but they weren’t alone by a long chalk. One Direction made the top five (Made in the AM), as did Coldplay ( I say hurray for that), and the Now! 93 compilation album. That’s no surprise, because the music charts this year were pretty much devoid of anything of any musical worth whatsoever, so a compilation was always doomed to be a duffer.

Adele pulled a rabbit out of the hat, though, with 32,000 copies of 25 being chopped in. Of course any dyed-in-the-wool fan would already have a copy (maybe two, one for home, one for the car), so wouldn’t need the extra, and if you didn’t have a copy because you weren’t a fan, it’s going to be on the discard list immediately, isn’t it?

It’s a minefield out there. You heard it here first.