This is a tricky situation in which I find myself, and I’m uncharacteristically uncertain.

Way, way back when, my long-time girlfriend and I went our separate ways. It wasn’t a very amicable split, but it was just about civilised. All that changed radically when I started seeing somebody new. My ex went off like a rocketing pheasant.

The constant barrage of abuse and criticism became tiresome, to the extent I was sorely tempted to break off the new relationship, which would have been a bit of a shame since we later went on to be married. But this is where it got interesting.

Acting on an anonymous tipoff, I confronted my ex with the fact that I knew she’d been shagging her boss while she and I were still living together. In the light of that I felt justified in telling her to get stuffed and stop whining and interfering, particularly as she tried to make out it was my fault for her playing away.

Time passed, and I didn’t see her for many years, though I was aware of some of the things she was up to via a friend of hers who also happened to be my sister in law. Then things went a bit awry.

I started to get messages from her. The first message was a picture of the New York skyline. This was a bit pointed, since the excuse she then gave for having gone to bed with her boss was that I was supposed to have proposed to her at the top of the Empire State Building, and I didn’t. Impeccable logic, don’t you think?

That was a posted message/card, so I suppose she could have got my details from my soon-to-be ex sister in law. However, she’s now been contacting me via Facebook Inbox.

That’s a bit odd, because I thought that only Friends could drop things in your Inbox, but apparently anybody can. Hey ho.

I don’t get it. Why she thinks we might have anything in common after nearly 30 years of not seeing anything of each other is beyond me. And I really am uncertain as to how to react, other than doing what I have been doing and ignoring her.