As you know, my friend Kev and I have an annual competition to see who can predict the famous people who will die this year. 2016 was a bit unpredictable, though I did manage to stuff Kev 3-0.

Here’s my list for 2017. Bear in mind this isn’t a wish list, just some guesswork. Though the first three Wildcards (which don’t count) might be a wish list…

  1. Vera Lynn (the permitted one carry over from 2016)
  2. Ken Dodd
  3. Kirk Douglas
  4. Olivia de Havilland
  5. Glynis Johns
  6. Queen Elizabeth II
  7. Jake Lamotta
  8. George HW Bush
  9. Barbara Bush
  10. Henry Kissinger
  11. Stan Lee
  12. Pierre Cardin
  13. Jerry Lewis
  14. Francis Rossi
  15. Chuck Berry
  16. Honor Blackman
  17. Dick van Dyke
  18. Eric Clapton
  19. Clint Eastwood
  20. Charles Manson

Wild Cards

Donald Trump. Please. Please.

Mike Pence

Paul Ryan

Chris Kamara

Keith Lemon

Kanye West

Kim Kardashian

Justin Bieber