You may recollect that at about this time in 2015 that I took some stupid woman to task because she tried to bill another woman whose child was a no-show at stupid woman’s child’s birthday thrash. The no-show was for very good reason, but that held no sway. I’m glad to remind you that no-show mum told the whingeing woman to get stuffed.

Things got a great deal worse last week. Here’s what happened. Sarah Bryan’s daughter Isabella went on a playdate to another little girl’s house. Just so you know, I hate the whole concept of playdates. When I was a child, you didn’t have playdates. You went round to your mate’s house for an hour and ended up staying for lunch and tea and came home covered in mud.

The sainted Isabella came home with her boots a bit scuffed, and with marker pen marks on the uppers. So far so normal for children, yes? It’s what happens.

Well not according to Ms Bryan. She was ‘disgusted.’ Now we need to bear in mind the scuffs were on the soles of the boots, which is pretty much par for the course I’d have thought. The marker pen? Meh.

Ms Bryan has sent Nicola Gibbs, the mother of the other playdater, a bill for a whopping 350 notes. She’d sent her child out wearing footwear that cost more than a cheap second-hand car. Here’s some of the content of the email she fired off to the other mother.

Below is the bill for these replacing because they cannot be fixed these are fine Italian leather!

Big deal. But here’s the really creepy bit.

As a designer I do not want my child to look anything less than pristine.

That tells us more about Sarah Bryan than she probably thought to reveal, that she’s an insufferable snob who is moulding her three year old daughter into a mini Kardashian. There should be a law against that. Three year olds should be eating worms and scabbing their knees, not becoming a wish fulfilment for a fearsomely insecure, hugely overbearing parent.

I’m pleased to say that despite the threat of further action (an empty one since there was no contract), Nicola Gibbs said ‘Bollocks.’ She also accused Sarah Bryan of having more money than sense. She may well be right there. At three years old, Isabella has over 60 pairs of shoes, possibly more than I have ever owned in my life.

Oh, and the little poppet already has a modelling career. That also made me go, ‘OFFS.’