Just a quickie, since I suspect that all my American readers will still be in a state of stunned inability to think, or drunk, or hibernating, or all three.

Little story this week about a man who apparently bought a pack of six eggs, and found that all of them were double-yolkers. The odds of this are estimated at ten quintillion to one, which are about the odds of TFF turning about to be a decent human being.

However, Phil Cooper of Oxted is an amateur in the egg stakes. Way back when I went about 18 months without eating meat. The reasons for this are lost in the mists of time, but I do know that I fell off the wagon when I was walking past a KFC while pissed, and being unable to stop myself executing a sharp left-hand turn through the doorway.

Over the 18 months, I’d eaten a fair few eggs. I bought a box of six from my local minimart, and subsequently found they were all double-yolkers. Hey ho. Things happen. Then the next box turned out to contain six more double-yolkers. That was mildly entertaining.

Guess what? The next box didn’t have six double-yolkers. Nosirreebob.

There were five double, and a triple yolker.

I suspect the odds against this exceed the number of possible moves in a game of chess.