My mate Shebat and her mum Klarissa have specifically asked me to blog on a topic dear to their hearts, and since I’m Mr Nice Guy I said I’d oblige. It’s more likely to keep me sane than reading about all the executive orders that TFF has signed.*

Shebat was on walkabout somewhere (I dunno where) and purchased some comestible that she referred to as a ‘steamed custard bun.’ It was a weird looking thing. In a photograph it looked like a whopping great marshmallow, and she confirmed that its consistency was very similar. I knew what it was, having had one, so I knew what the consistency was like.

Such was the strangeness of this delicacy, she took one with her when she returned to the nest, and decided to see what it tasted like.

Pretty horrid, apparently, though too insipid to be really disgusting. I found that a bit odd. There are steamed buns all over the shop, and they’re yummy.

I have a mate who goes to Hungary quite a lot, and he’d happily live on gőzgombóc, the sweet jammy steamy things that the Hungarians like. They’re pretty much the national dish, after goulash. He likes that too.

China is awash with different types of steamed buns, and I can tell you that they are splendid. You can stuff them, for example with BBQ pork and pickled vegetables, or with duck, or just about whatever takes your fancy, which in China is pretty much anything that moves. I like them plain to go with Chinese sausage. This looks a bit like a disreputable chorizo, but is slightly sweet when you eat it. That’s best steamed too.

In fact you find steamy delicious things all over east Asia, so they must be getting something right. But apparently this is not something they’ve got right yet where my mate and her mum live. That’s a bit of a shame.

They could always have a go at making their own. They both seem capable people. I’ll even supply the recipe.

Cantonese Steamed Custard Buns (Nai Wong Bao), by

I look forward to a progress report.

*The Republicans hate EOs, unless it happens to be one of their fuckwitted bunch doing the signing.