Sunday, so just a short post for the diehards among you. My mate Nick will appreciate this.

The year must have been 1992, and my wife as was and I had gone to visit some friends in Nijmegen in Holland. It was a drizzly day (In Holland! Imagine that!) and we decided to go to the flicks. Basic Instinct had just been released, and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction you’ll know you can get beer in the cinema, so we settled back with a glass and some popcorn each. The film started, and I got completely lost right out of the hat. I thought I’d lost the power of rational thought, because I couldn’t make head nor tail out of what was going on. The dialogue was like somebody speaking in tongues. I know I had a beer in my hand, but this was out of order.

Actually, perhaps I had lost the power of rational thought. I was certainly as dumb as a frog in a bucket. I was trying to read the subtitles. Which were in Dutch. When I realised that and listened to the soundtrack, which was in the original English, everything was hunkydory.