This will be just a short post, because the subject is pretty depressing. Maybe somebody in the US can enlighten me on a couple of topics.

All the executive orders that TFF has been issuing weren’t written by him, is that right?

In some cases he signed them off without even knowing the full contents, yes?

The judiciary and the lawmakers have effectively been sidelined, correct?

And the elected vice president?

The real power lies in the hands of one Steve Bannon?

The same Steve Bannon who’s ensuring there’s no paper trail about discussions that are being held in the White House?

The same Steve Bannon who is a rabid, rightwing, white supremacist with a drink problem, and who went on record as saying he wanted to bring down the government, since he’s a Leninist?

The same Steve Bannon who’s now on the National Security Council in the place of one of those pesky know-nothing four star generals?

And the GOP are letting it happen without demur, letting their country be ruled invisibly by somebody who has never received a single vote from the people in the US?

While we’re at it, can anybody tell me why a man registered to vote in three states has been put in charge of investigating voter fraud?

And how does handcuffing a five year old child ‘Make America Great Again’ since Sean Spicer’s reply about handcuffing a US citizen of that tender age was gobbledygook?