This is always satisfying, to draw attention to somebody’s shortcomings and general fuckwittedness, but some putdowns are more potent and elegant than others. Monday saw humiliation/annihilation of TFF in an epic smackdown by no less a personage than John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, and it’s had me smiling for hours.

Traditionally the Speaker has to be neutral on domestic matters, but foreign matters are open season, and Mr Bercow, to his immense credit, went loaded for bear. He’s stopped TFF from addressing the House when the Orange One arrives on his state visit. Huzzah!

There’s been some harrumphing from the Toffs that he’s overstepped the mark, and that we really should be doing all we can to build a relationship with the loathsome one, but actually the Speaker is well within his remit. He’s one of the three gatekeepers who get to decide who can and who cannot address the House, and by the arcane rules that apply all three must agree, so even if the other two think that mad rug should be allowed across the hallowed threshold, it’s tough tittie. As Bercow pointed out, addressing Parliament is ‘an earned honour,’ not ‘an automatic right.’ If you happen to be a sexist racist then you lose your LA privileges.

The decision to bar him makes things a bit easier for the 160+ (and rising) MPs who’d threatened to boycott proceedings. It also means that he’s going to be a bit short of things to do when he gets here apart from dodging brickbats and wondering why so many people detest him. Addressing the House is usually a big part of a state visit. There again he may be more at home admiring the Queen’s palaces, but I rather imagine she may not be too keen. I think she should let TFF and Phil the Greek slug it out.

On an exceptionally heartening note, this is also a kick in the slats for Goody Two Shoes. After all the brown-nosing when she met TFF last week, it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong, hasn’t it? Mind you, she shouldn’t have been creeping to Drumpf in pursuit of a trade deal anyway, since she can’t do any negotiating till we’re out of the EU.

There was a rare spontaneous round of applause, and Dennis Skinner, the Beast of Bolsover, twisted the knife in GTS’s ribs with the following words. ‘Further to that point of order, two words: well done.’ Love that guy, he’s been making PMs of various political persuasions squirm for the last 47 years.

I wonder when TFF will tweet that his rejection by the Mother of Parliaments is fake news?