Yet another vaguely automotive post. Bear with me. It’s quite short.

I’m sure you recollect the Pocket of Shame, but if you missed it here’s a brief recap. It’s the huge amount of change you find when you wake up after a big night out on the lash when you couldn’t be bothered, or were too pissed, to tender the correct money and just changed up notes.

When I described this, I’d woken up with a fairly impressive 22 quid in assorted shrapnel. I’m dismayed, but strangely also pleased, to report that my friend Kev has beaten my efforts into a cocked hat.

Recently he needed to find some paperwork he needed. Not in the house, so he started on the taxing task of checking his car. If you’ve not seen his car, I’ll simply tell you it’s not the tidiest road vehicle in the world.

Rummage, rummage, rummage. He kept coming across loose change. Most car drivers keep a few bob around to pay for car parking and tolls, but he doesn’t generally need to since his wife has a disabled badge, so most fees are waived. Hence I have very little idea why he had spare change littered about. In the ashtray. In the little doohickey under the steering column. In the various storage compartments you find around cars.

He did a count up, and was startled to find that he had a grand total of £56.77. That’s impressive. He also came up with a new phrase.

The Doorpocket of Shame.