The controversy over the efficacy and safety of statins continues to rage. It raised its ugly head again this week in the form of the ‘Statins cause more heart disease than diet and lifestyle’ argument that some of the press picked up on. The contention was by some homeopath, so you can draw your own conclusions about its accuracy. But it really is the gift that keeps on giving, as this blog from 2015 will show you.


Well, well, well. I’m pleased to report that the Daily Express is in the process of trying to determine how to get a foot out of its mouth. It’s so far down they could cut their toenails per rectum.

For yonks now, the Excess has been banging on about the health benefits of statins, how safe they are, how they should be prescribed to people who don’t even have raised cholesterol, how they should be available over the counter in pharmacies, blah blah blah. Like its fellow nest of vipers, the Daily Mail, they will insist on calling statins ‘cholesterol busting drugs,’ and invariably refer to ‘pills’ instead of the grown up ‘tablets.’ And now they’ve been caught with their pants down, and I’m very chuffed indeed.

A new study has just been published about the use of statins. The study was carried out in Finland, and the Scandinavians are absolute wizards at cardiovascular research. In this case, the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital recruited 8749 men and followed them for six years. That’s a pretty robust sample size, and a pretty impressive length of time. The intention was to see if statins have a causal relationship with type II diabetes.

Lo and behold! There was a 60 odd percent increased risk of type II in men receiving statins. This is really bad news, because diabetes increases the risk of heart disease, the very condition statins are used in, threefold. It’s rather self defeating, isn’t it? The lead researcher was Marrku Laakso, who like every other Finnish person sounds as if he should be a rally driver, and he expressed his concern in no uncertain manner. So did a spokesman from the British Heart Foundation who put another nail in the coffin when he claimed that side effects with statins have been consistently under-reported and frequently ignored.

Always nice to see the idiots at the Excess get egg on their faces. Mind you, I expect that the 679 men who developed diabetes have more important things on their minds just now, such as whether it’s illegal to shoot a doctor.

PS I know the pun in the title isn’t very funny but I found it irresistible