Arsenal Kev is guesting again.


Once again, I put finger to keyboard, following a discussion with my old mate Duncan over a brief pint. Normally,  we talk crap and just take the piss out of each other, but in a good way. We always remain friends.

On this occasion, I posed a question in a serious manner. Nothing life threatening, just curiosity. My question was why, at the end of a film or TV programme, is the production date shown in Roman numerals? We couldn’t decide why but got thinking about how to use Roman numerals. It hit me instantly. Darts!

I’ve been a darts player for many years, and wondered what it would be like if darts was played in Roman times. Imagine the scoring, or the “chalks” as it is referred to in the local. Would they have actually played DI instead of the traditional 501?

The mind boggled, so I popped round the local, had a quick warm up and gave myself a game. I won by the way.

I’ve logged my score sheet and translated it into Roman, just to see what it would look like. I’ve always been quick at counting down, especially when you have to finish on a double, but this would complicate even the most advanced professional. Don’t have a pint before playing this game.

My 501 leg

Scored.               Required.
100                      401
43                       358
78                       280
140                      140
100                        40
30                       10
10.                      Double 5 second dart.

Or in Roman.

My DI leg

Scored.                   Required.
C                              CDI
XLIII                        CCCLVIII
LXXVIII                   CCLXXX
CXL                         CXL
C                              XL
XXX                         X
X.                              Double V II dart

As you can see, towards the end of the game I left XL. My first dart hit the single XX, the second hitting a single X and the third off the board.
I bust on the next throw then successfuly hit the double V to checkout.

This means I completed a leg of DI in XXIII darts with a III dart average of LXV.IV
I didn’t hit the magical CLXXX but clocked up a CXL and II Cs.

Thank the Lord I was playing alone.

Thanks for reading this load of old bull(seye).

Next on stage. Please welcome JOCKYUM WILSONIUM.


Kevin Cornwell