I’ll keep this shortish. I’m sure you all have important thing to do today.

This gobsmackingly ridiculous story broke on Friday, and it looks as if Lord Carey of Clifton got his dates mixed up, since All Fools Day happened a day later.

If you don’t know who he is, as the Very Reverend George Carey he was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002. All that stood between him and God was the Queen, who is top dog in the Anglican church over here.

He’s clocking on a wee bit now (he’s 81) and time seems to be taking its toll on his marbles. He claims that TFF (my words, not his) is actually ‘a Good Samaritan who helps the poor.’ Further, TFF’s hypocrisy and hedonism are ‘irrelevant.’

I expect all of you have some deeply held opinions that are at odds with this load of bollocks. Certainly the current incumbent has some issues. The now Archbishop, Justin Welby, said only last month that The Orange One has ‘…policies based in fear (and) will lead to terrible results.’ His counterpart in York, John Sentamu said ‘it is extraordinary that any country should stigmatise and ban citizens of other nations.’ I assume he said that before the Supreme Courts handed Donnie his arse in a sling. Twice.

As for helping the poor, even the GOP rejected the ‘repeal and replace’ of the ACA, which would effectively have given tax breaks to the rich while squeezing the poor till the pips squeak. G’bye Meals on Wheels. Byebye support for military veterans. Sayonara funding for the arts, which will now become the playground of the rich. Adios funding for the state educational system, welcome back preppies. Adieu to food stamps for those in need.

I said I’d keep it short, and I really don’t need to go on. Except that $1.2bn from cuts in the NIH budget will go towards the wall the Mexicans are supposed to be paying for.