Time to have a shout about Goody Two Shoes and her band of robber barons. Firstly, we need to recollect that she had been banging on relentlessly about ‘No Election! It’s the wrong time!’ then did a complete u-turn and called a snap election. While it’s not unusual for politicians to change their minds as a matter of expediency, the sheer audacity of the woman took me aback. She’s called this to obtain a mandate she already has to implement a policy she thought was a bad idea in the first place.

Now here’s the thing. All the posturing will be about the UK leaving the EU. It’s not. That’s a done deal. We’re grabbing our national coat and hat and we’re off. This is about one thing only. This is about the Toffs trying to establish a one party system for the foreseeable future. They don’t want to govern, they want power.

I don’t care what your opinions are of Jezza and his Corbynistas, nor of Farron and his turncoat Lib Dems. Good government requires opposition so the people at the top of the midden can’t ride roughshod over the proles. (We also need a press and media setup that also holds the government to account. Instead we have The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, and The Sun. And Daily Telegraph and The Times, though these latter two seem to be less enamoured than they used to be)

But here’s the real kicker. Goody is effectively refusing to issue a detailed manifesto on the grounds that it might weaken the bargaining position in the EU negotiations. That’s a load of old socks isn’t it? A bit of transparency never goes amiss. She’s not playing Texas Hold’em. And it’s not as if she’s definitely going to win the election, unless she knows something we don’t. Maybe she does.

The really dangerous thing is that we’ll be going to the polling stations with no true idea at all of what the Toffs have in store. She’s flat out refused to join in head to head debate on television. The blue vote will be flying blind, and the Toffs will use that as a mandate to do what they damned well please. Goody may not be specific, but if you’re intending to vote blue, bear a couple of things in mind.

Do you really want to have to work till you’re 68, or even 69, before you get back the hard earned dosh you’ve pumped into the system? How about having the triple lock removed from your state pension? Like that idea? Even Pigshagger wanted to maintain the lock. How about continuing reductions in funding for schools (unless they’re grammar schools, of course)? Privatisation of the NHS, though who’d want to buy it is anybody’s guess after years of successive governments pushing it onto the back burner? How about not being able to afford anywhere to live as Toff landlords and foreign oligarchs ruthlessly snap up bargains? You won’t be able to commute from anywhere affordable, either, because the road system will be knackered, and the trains will be earning money for foreign companies. Are you looking forward to the poor and weak being further penalised, the chronically ill and disabled needing care being denied it?

If yes to the latter, just remember. You’re going to be old and vulnerable at some point, unless you’ve been worked into the ground and denied effective medical treatment so you don’t make it to retirement. Don’t imagine that’s an unthinkable strategy.

On the upside, Gorgeous George is stepping down.

PS Lest we forget, there’s been a public sector payrise increase cap of 1% right now. Has been for the past two years. Unless you happen to be a public servant in Parliament. Those bastards have accepted 14% over the past two years.

PPS In case the tone of the campaign in The Sun isn’t clear…