Since it’s a Bank Holiday, I’m recycling from three years ago


I truly had never realised how easy this is on the various bits of the interweb. But honestly, it’s a sitter, easypeasy lemon squeezy. Trust me, it’s a cinch.

Here’s how you do it. Sorry there are two ways.

Firstly, respond to a post from somebody in a way that clearly indicates you disagree with them. This is a cardinal sin. You are not allowed to disagree. You’re being offensive then. You are a troll, simply for having a different opinion. You are a troll.

Secondly, post something that is in line with your own opinions. I’m not talking about out and out racism , for example. Everybody knows that’s wrong, and quite rightly. But imagine if you will you post something on Mumsnet about being irritated, as an adult, by some screaming brat dashing about and generally making your quiet lunch with your new potential paramour a bloody nightmare.

Put that situation up online, and you will be comprehensively flamed by yummymummies defending their child’s ‘rights’ to express themselves. Honestly, just have a go one day. Make up a story, whack it on the internet, and see what happens. Your right to peace and quiet goes straight to the back of the queue.

The way to become a troll? Just disagree. It used to be called having a discussion.