You’ll all be aware of my general liking, and indeed admiration, of the i newspaper. It’s usually pretty sensible, I like the editorial stance, and it’s generally neutral in its political approach. However, even this august publication makes a hash of things now and again.

When the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting Princess Charlotte a couple of years ago, the paper studiously avoided the frantic speculation from the redtops and the fiercely royalist Times/Telegraph. Bit of a non-story, they wisely decided. Now they’ve gone nuclear on something even more sodding trivial.

Three-quarters of Wednesday’s page 3 carried a story of unsurpassed unimportance. As I keep pointing out, page 3 has the highest page traffic of any page in a newspaper, so you might want to think about putting something important there. However, all the papers tend to use this page as a feelgood, with human interest stories or tales of pets somehow finding their way across continents to be reunited with their estranged owners.

A bit of human interest is fine, as long as it’s interesting! That’s the key to a human interest story, don’t you think? But a story that effectively says, ‘Thirty-five-year old woman pregnant with her husband’s baby’ doesn’t really cut it does it? It’s neither earth-shatteringly important, nor particularly unexpected or unusual.

I’d never heard of Laura Tobin before, and I’m guessing nobody outside the UK has either. Even in the UK my urban warrior collective will be bemused. This will be because they’d only know her if they watch Good Morning Britain, which is fronted by the extremely unpleasant oaf Piers Morgan*, a rightwinger of the old school. They’re not touching that garbage with a bargepole.

Ms Tobin isn’t even really that big a player. She’s a weather presenter, or weather girl as the redtops put it. Hardly a headlining act, is it? A weather presenter gets pregnant. Shock! Horror!

The only reason this story got any coverage at all (not just in my preferred reading matter either, it was all over the shop) was this. She made the announcement on live television, and the news must have come as a bit of a shock to her family and friends, since before the BIG SHOUTOUT only her husband, her parents, her in-laws, and for some obscure reason her editor were in on the secret.

I take a rather dim view of her choosing to blab on primetime television. It smacks a bit of narcissism, I reckon. I also fail to see why Morgan and his co-presenter, Susannah Reid (I’d never heard of her either) felt it necessary to give her a round of applause.

Still, she’s now going to be inundated with baby togs from the adoring gullible audience.

*The tosser Morgan claims he is big buddies with TFF, which says it all. I have a theory that TFF doesn’t do friends, he does people he can use ruthlessly, but hey.