Another outing for this. It might come in useful sometime for my urban warrior collective. Might.


You may recollect my post about a friend of mine blowing up a bear when he was working at a railhead in Canada. An intriguing and salutary tale, I thought.

I did however find out something today about bears that really did rock me back on my heels.

Bears, well male bears, are driven to a frenzy of lust by something pretty mundane. Something you would not think about. It’s called toothpaste.

I was reliably informed that toothpaste drives them mad. There had been cases of hunting lodges and holiday homes having been ransacked by bears looking for the toothpaste, or so I was assured. They left everything else, took only the toothpaste. I personally found that a bit odd, so I did a bit of online research, and it’s true. How odd is that? Bears adore toothpaste. For male bears, it’s like minty Viagra. They really want to get it on baby. It’s like Barry White, one of the truly most charming people I have ever seen interviewed, wearing a fur coat and sporting a bad attitude.

Raises a few questions, does it not? Why? What is it about toothpaste? And how did people note this, and make some lifestyle changes?

By the way, dogs are similarly driven into a frenzy by ordinary toothpaste. That’s why all canine oral hygiene products are beef or turkey flavoured. Otherwise your Lab would never stop shagging your leg, and that’s quite embarrassing to contemplate.